Many years of cooking experience in Europe, Asia and North America, makes Jie a very “fusion” chef. Joined China’s most famous cooking TV show “Go Fridge” since 2017 which has gained Jie over 0.3M fans and over 0.5B views around the world.

Jie also joins “Forget Me not Café” and many other TV shows in which he continues to present his fusion cooking and dishes to the audiences. Famous brands like Carrefour, Asahi, Supor, Futile also invite Jie as their brand ambassador.

At ½, Jie will present all dishes that he did with Jackson Wang, Xiaotong Guan, Lei Huang, Bo Huang and other celebrities on TV shows; In addition, he will also combines Asian foods with Spanish Tapas, Japanese Izakaya style to give customers an unforgettable dining experience.